In 1988 the two brothers Dr. engineer H. Elbanna Abdelhamid and engineer Saied Abdelhamid started their private factory in 10 th of Ramadan city with a working area of 2000 sq. meter, Making use of their studies in the faculty of engineering, higher academic studies in engineering, management and long practical work in different industrial establishments outside and inside Egypt.

As this starting period had witnessed a trend in the expansion of establishing new factories in manufacturing home appliances. Tabouk for Industrial Engineering and his sister company Abdelhamid for Metal works was found as a feeding industry to satisfy the requirements of this industrial sector of wire parts, wire components, and wire products. Gradually Tabouk for Industrial Engineering becomes complementary part of several activities.

Production capacity is more than 1000 ton per year. 80 of well trained workers are working to achieve just in time production for our customers. Decorative steel doors and handrails stairs were added as an additional field.

Continuous improvements, application of modern technology, quality assurance and other modern techniques are always Tabouk goals to serve our customers all the time and anywhere. Our happiness is to listen to our customers to be soon.